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TAM seminarlari

What are TAM?

Technical Assistance Missions (TAM) are part of the portfolio of Higher Education Reform Experts (HERE) activities, managed by the SPHERE Team (Support and Promotion for Higher Education Reform Experts), a consortium consisting of OBREAL Global (coordinator) and the European University Association (EUA), acting as service provider for the European Commission’s Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA).

What are the objectives of TAM?

A TAM provides targeted assistance to National Erasmus+ Offices (NEO) and HERE teams in Partner Countries neighbouring the EU. In essence, a TAM is the provision of an international expert for the period of 1.5 - 2 working days. What exactly the expert provides depends on the needs of the NEO and the HEREs, in terms of the themes, activities and the format of the event or activity being planned. The activities should be part of the annual national work plan for the HERE and/or part of the planned higher education reform process underway in a specific country or region. A TAM must provide a clear added value with regards to national higher education reform objectives. NEO and HERE Teams should also foresee a follow-up activity to maximise the impact of the TAM and to promote the HERE network.

TAMs organised in the past: http://www.erasmusplus.uz/heres/133/organised/index.htm



Key Action 1: Learning Mobility of Individuals

Key Action 2: Cooperation among organisations and institutions

Key Action 3

Jean Monnet Actions

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