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Organisation ID (OID)


Organization ID (OID) and Participant Identification Code (PIC number) are unique identifiers of organizations/institutions used to participate in Erasmus+ projects. Any organization, institution, or informal group of young people that, either in the role of project applicant or partner, wishes to participate in the decentralized Erasmus+ project proposal (projects submitted to one of the national Erasmus+ agencies) must have a registered OID, while to participate in centralized projects (projects submitted to the EACEA Executive Agency in Brussels) must have a registered PIC number.

The OID consists of the letter E and eight digits, while the PIC number contains nine digits.

OID and PIC numbers are obtained on the platform/portal of the European Commission, after entering basic information about the organization, such as the name, address, registration number, VAT/tax identification number, contact person, etc. The Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps platform which is used to register OID numbers can be accessed via this link, while the PIC number can be registered on the Funding and Tender Opportunities portal available here.

Each organization can update its data on its organization’s page on the platform/portal where the OID/PIC number has been registered.

Once registered, the OID/PIC number can be used for all project proposals within the Erasmus+ programme.


Getting an OID or PIC Number to participate in E+ International actions  (download)

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