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The SPHERE Seminar on Universities’ third mission in Samarkand

The SPHERE Seminar on Universities’ third mission in Samarkand

On May 13-14, 2024, the SPHERE Seminar on "Universities’ Third Mission: Partnering for Social and Economic Development" took place in Samarkand, Uzbekistan. This event brought together Higher Education Reform Experts (HERE) teams and National Erasmus+ Offices (NEOs) from around the world, including 70 experts and representatives from 21 countries. Additionally, HE Ms. Charlotte Adriaen, Ambassador of the European Union to Uzbekistan, and Ms. Erica Gerretsen, Director for Human Development, Migration, Governance, and Peace at the Directorate-General for International Partnerships, European Commission, also attended the seminar.

The seminar highlighted the evolving role of universities in societal engagement, focusing on addressing challenges such as changing labor market needs, climate change, and the transition to carbon-free economies. Universities are increasingly being called upon to provide solutions to these challenges and demonstrate their engagement with society.

The seminar aimed to explore the multifaceted contributions of universities to their local ecosystems and broader development. It examined how universities can tailor their contributions to specific contexts and maximize their impact through innovation and collaboration. Participants had the opportunity to share cases from their institutions and countries, discussing both achievements and challenges.

A special focus was placed on the Uzbek context, providing insights into the local higher education landscape. The seminar also explored strategies for enhancing collaboration between universities, industry, and civil society to address real-life challenges related to sustainable development.

Two members of the Erasmus+ National team of UZ HEREs, Nozliya Normurodova and Ilhom Abdurahmanov, gave a presentation on understanding the third mission in Uzbekistan. 

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