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TAM seminar on "Digitalization of Higher Education and Increasing University Competitiveness" in Samarkand

TAM seminar on "Digitalization of Higher Education and Increasing University Competitiveness" in Samarkand

On the 23rd and 24th of April, a significant event unfolded in the heart of Samarkand: the Erasmus+ Technical Assistance Mission (TAM) seminar delved deeply into the theme of "Digitalization of Higher Education and Increasing Competitiveness of Universities." Noteworthy was the presence of Professor Ebba Ossiannilsson, a distinguished European expert, alongside an international expert from the Swedish Association for Distance Learning. Their shared experiences and insights proved invaluable to all participants present.

Among those in attendance were university leaders, including vice-Rectors responsible for academic affairs and science, heads of academic and scientific departments, teaching staff, and Ph.D. students. Additionally, representatives from Uzbekistan's National Erasmus+ Offices and the National Team of Higher Education Reform Experts added depth to the discussions.

Throughout the seminar, participants were immersed in a rich learning environment, emerging with a wealth of knowledge and skills. They gained a comprehensive understanding of the digital landscape, encompassing new and emerging technologies, digital trends, and their profound impact on higher education institutions. Furthermore, they acquired proficiency in utilizing digital tools, platforms, applications, and software commonly employed within higher education settings.Moreover, a key focus was on cultivating research skills among the participants. In the rapidly evolving landscape of digitalization in higher education, staying abreast of the latest trends and best practices is paramount. Equipped with enhanced research capabilities, participants are poised to navigate this dynamic terrain with agility and insight.

In conclusion, the Erasmus+ TAM seminar served as a catalyst for transformative change, empowering participants with the knowledge, skills, and strategic vision needed to propel their institutions forward in an increasingly digital world.

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