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Information and methodological session in Fergana

Information and methodological session in Fergana
On behalf of the National Erasmus+ Office in Uzbekistan, we wish to notify you that an upcoming information and methodological session titled "How to develop a strong project proposal?"  will be hosted at the Fergana branch of Tashkent University Information Technologies. This session aims to reach a wider audience, particularly newcomers to Higher Education Institutions (HEIs), following the official launch of the Erasmus+ Call for Proposals-2024.
We extend a warm invitation to attend this event, scheduled to take place on December 13th at 10:00 at the Fergana branch of TUIT confirm your attendance, kindly complete the registration form provided below: https://forms.gle/rVi6TFwrr3sPV8af7
Further details and invitations will be communicated via email. The registration deadline is December 10th at 16:00

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