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Events of Erasmus+ Week / Erasmus Days in Uzbekistan

Events of Erasmus+ Week / Erasmus Days in Uzbekistan

Erasmus+ Week / Erasmus Days in Uzbekistan

10-15 October 2022

10 October, Monday

The final conference of CBHE “HIEDTEC: Modernisation of higher education in Central Asia through new technologies” project was held at the Tashkent University of Information Technologies (TUIT).

In this Meeting representatives from 21 partners institutions from Bulgaria, Italy, Luxembourg, Portugal, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan took part.

During the event the partners were presented the results of the project in each higher education institutions. 

The project partners prepared and developed the following:

• Recommendations for Adapting the Central Asian HE System to the Needs of the Digital Generation 

• Sustainable academic network for sharing experience and exchange of good practices in the field of innovative educational technologies and didactic models

• Concept for adapting the education system to the digital generation

• Establishing a centre of innovative educational technologies and active learning classrooms. Purchase virtual classroom software

• Handbook of Innovative Educational Technologies

• Syllabus of a course for the acquisition of digital skills and innovative teaching and learning methods 

Courses for trainers for the acquisition of digital skills and innovative teaching and learning methods

More information about the project:

Information Briefing: Erasmus+ Week and Erasmus Days  /Live stream on Instagram

On the first day, an information briefing of the Erasmus+ Week and Erasmus Days was held, where the audience was provided with information about the events of various formats, Erasmus+ quiz, promotion of Erasmus+ project results and information seminars, podcasts and interviews.


11 October, Tuesday

The next project event of CBHE “HIEDTEC: Modernisation of higher education in Central Asia through new technologies” project was held at the Andijan Machine-Building Institute. 

The meeting of the HiEdTec project was attended by partners of the project: University of Ruse in Bulgaria, University of Pavia in Italy, University of Luxembourg in Luxembourg, Coimbra University in Portugal and 15 higher education institutions of Central Asian countries, 

At the opening ceremony of the meeting at the Youth Center in Andijan city, the deputy governor of Andijan region Nasibullo Mominov read the congratulatory speech of the regional governor, 

More than 20 higher education institutions and representatives of 5 Central Asian ministries of higher education participated in this project meeting, and the personal participation of rectors of 5 higher educational institutions increased the importance of the meeting.

The second and third days of the meeting were organized in the building of the Faculty of Automotive Engineering of the Andijan machine-building Institute. Based on the plan, the reports of the work carried out within the framework of the project of each partner HEI were heard and the center of innovative educational technologies established at the institute was introduced to all participants.

During the project meeting, memorandums were signed between the Andijan machine-building Institute and a number of partner HEIs. In particular, Ruse University (Bulgaria), Issyk-Kul State University named after Kasim Tinistanov (Kyrgyzstan), ALA-TOO International University (Kyrgyzstan), Eurasian Innovation University (Kazakhstan), Khorog State University named after M. Nazarshoyeva (Tajikistan), 

Also, after the memorandum signing ceremony, A meeting was held between the rectors of these educational institutions and the rector of the Andijan machine-building Institute, prof. Umid Turdialiyev. At the meeting, ideas were exchanged on further expansion of relations with these higher education institutions. In particular, important issues such as student exchange, joint training of doctoral students, development of scientific activities, joint work on international projects, joint development of educational literature and programs were discussed.

During this meeting, Andijan machine-building institute presented Academician Hrusto Beloev, Rector of Ruse University with the title of honorary professor of the institute.